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1. Discuss the role of the laborer in today′s modern capitalist system by explai

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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1. Discuss the role of the laborer in today′s modern capitalist system by explaining how his/her role developed historically. Do you see any changes that might develop in the future?
2. What would you say is the cultural dynamic between our food consumption tastes and the environmental damage that results from our habits in food consumption?
3. Are our attitudes towards the environment changing sufficiently for us to see a change in the way that we consume food items such as sugar, beef, fruits,etc…?
4. Analyze what Robbins means when he says:″ there is no ′natural′ reason why we engage in consumption patterns that do harm to the environment.
5. Describe the characteristics of the working class and the role of the laborer in capitalism.
6. Explain the ″wealth flows theory″ and how it affects the reproductive decisions made by families.
7. According to Robbins, what is the role of food in a capitalist economy?
8. Robbins describes the ′anatomy of hunger′. Explain. Do you agree or disagree with his analysis?
9. Describe the characteristics of endemic hunger. What solutions would you propose for this problem?
10. Do you feel that the WHO is effectively dealing with hunger in the most desperate situations? Explain.
The link to the book listed below is needed for essay questions – which are based on chapter 8. Please download it, it is free.
(global problems and the culture of capitalism edition 6, 2014)
Please note the following important standards:
– Please answer this essay in 400-450 words.
– Proofread your paper carefully; always use proper grammar and spelling.
– If a specific question is looking for a qualitative answer, limit your answer to five sentences or less. Quality over quantity, please!
– Please place your name, date, and assignment name (Module 5 Assignment) in the heading.
– Your assignment must be in Microsoft Word, Time New Roman size 12 font.
– Any outside sources must be cited properly. Please use APA formatting.

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