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1) please read chapter 6 (the pages i uploaded) and watch the video case below on teams (the link is below)

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Business and Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

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1) Please read chapter 6 (the pages I uploaded) and watch the video case below on Teams (the link is below)
2) give a short summary of chapter 6 and the video, then answer the 5 questions, (get the answers to the questions from the book only, DONT MAKE IT UP FROM YOUR HEAD!!).
3) each question response must be at least 1 paragraph each!!.
4) The answers to all 5 questions must be approximately 2 pages DO NOT REPEAT THE QUESTIONS IN THE RESPONSE PARAGRAPH!
1- How does McChrystal conceptualize team effectiveness? Consider the aspects of effective team dynamics introduced in this chapter in your response.
2- Referencing the open systems model of team effectiveness, discuss McChrystal’s approach to developing team synergy.
3- A high-performance team leverages collective intelligence to deliver on its purpose. Explain how collective intelligence is operationalized in McChrystal’s experience leading teams.
4-Integrating specific team decision making strategies introduced in this chapter, discuss how McChrystal approaches the decision making process with his team.
5- As a property of highly cohesive teams, groupthink can undermine the team’s capability to critically evaluate potential alternatives to complete a task. What are McChrystal’s strategies to avoid the potential of groupthink?

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