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3-4 pages. my 5 college is Princeton, duke, yale, Columbia, and Harvard. you can

by | Aug 29, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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3-4 pages. my 5 college is Princeton, duke, yale, Columbia, and Harvard. you can pick any of those schools.
Step 1: Review & Revise: Review the previous college website you created regarding 5 colleges of your choice.
Step 2: Thesis Statement
Create a thesis statement that identifies a college, a specific target audience (more specific than a prospective students, instead identifying a specific type of student) and 3 specific elements — wording, images, colors, or layout– of the site that attract the targeted students.
Example 1: State University attracts STEM-oriented students through field-related wording, pictures of collaborative work, and a clever layout based on the STEM acronym.
Example 2: The STEM field-related wording, pictures of collaborative work, and clever STEM acronym layout all successfully attract STEM-oriented students to State University.
Blue: the college
Green: a specific targeted student
Purple: words that qualify each element
Step 3: Topic Sentences (I, II, & III on the outline)
Topic Sentence Directions: Each TS in the outline should mention your specific target audience, the institution, and the element — wording, images, colors, or layout– you are addressing.
TS Example based on the thesis: The wording throughout the website would attract STEM students to State University’s many programs and activities.
The TS above works because it identifies a specific element (purple), a specific student (green), and the institution (blue).
Step 4: Sub points (As, Bs, & Cs on the outline): Sub points can be keywords or phrases that remind you of the details you will use to support the TS.
Step 5: Source Integration (1s & 2s on the outline)
This paper require you to use two outside sources.
Here are some good web searches that can assist you:
Qualities of an effective website
Effective online marketing
What makes a college website effective
Color psychology + marketing (what colors in ads mean)
Find 2 good quality sources from reliable professional organizations (not blogs or Wikis, for example)
Incorporate these sources into your outline at least 2 different times. You should include these sources next to a #1 or #2 under whatever point it supports.
You do not need to fill in each 1 and 2 on the outline, just fill in the 1 or 2 where you plan to use your research.
Analyzing a College Website
The thesis, TSs, and all As, Bs, & Cs are required. The 1s & 2s should be filled in wherever you plan to use your 2 research sources.
Include a Works Cited Page. Use an MLA citation guide re: how to cite an entire website. Purdue University’s OWL can help.
Objective: An analysis looks at something in its parts and makes connections as to how those parts relate to
each other. In this assignment, students will select a college website (other than our own
college’s site) and analyze how the various features of the site appeal to a specific target
Length: 3-4 typed pages
Step 1: In order to successfully complete this paper, you must select an ad that has an intriguing visual
image, creative wording, engaging use of colors, and a clear target audience.
Step 2: Consulting the ideas in the accompanying Power Points should help you pick a site for this
Step 3: Include at least 2 outside sources that discuss ideas such as what colors mean in marketing, what
makes a successful website, what slogans or wording is best for a website. An MLA works cited
page should be included at the end of the paper. All sources must be used to imbed all borrowed
content, and borrowed content should have correct MLA integration.
*Include a works cited entry for the ad as well as the other outside sources.
Step 4: Create a full outline with a thesis statement and topic sentence for each main point.
Thesis Statement:
Create a thesis that identifies 1) the institution, 2) the specific student target audience, and
3) what parts of the site appeal to the target audience.
Topic Sentences:
Each topic sentence must state how a different component – colors, words, images, or
layout– of the site appeals to a target audience.
Sub points:
Each sub point should support the topic sentence.
 Your paper must thoroughly analyze how a variety of elements (at least 3) combine to attract a specific
target audience. Do not just describe the site without consistently making the connection to the target
audience throughout the paper.

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