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A final written report (white paper style, minimum 2500 words excluding title, a

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Management | 0 comments

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A final written report (white paper style, minimum 2500 words excluding title, abstract, tables, and graphs, no references needed) describing an integrated supply chain transformation.
The report length is given above. The final written report should both reflect appropriate communications best practices developed in your program.
Individual Operations Consulting:
1. Introduction: What is the industry and company/organization context for the problem?
2. Problem Definition: What exactly is the scope of the problem that is being analyzed in this consulting project?
3. Measurement and Analysis: What are the measures, and what is the data being used? How was the data collected? What tools are used in the analysis? Do the analysis.
4. Recommendations: What do you recommend?
5. Implementation Challenges: What challenges do you expect when implementing your recommendations?
6. References: Include any references you cited in the report.
“Prysma”, Inc. is a global networking, connectivity, and cabling solutions manufacturer. The company has been in business for over 110 years and serves a variety of markets, including industrial, enterprise, data center, residential, and broadcast. In recent years, Prisma has shifted its business model from a product-centric approach to a solutions-centric one. This shift has been driven by the need to address the challenges of the ever-changing and complex supply chain landscape. Prisma′s order fulfillment process has been struggling as of late, which has caused a decrease in sales and customer satisfaction. One of the problems seems to be with the machinery, which has been needing more and more repairs. These repairs have been costly and have often caused delays in fulfilling orders. Consequently, Prisma has had to outsource some of its orders to third-party providers. This has led to increased costs, which may reduce profit margins in the near future.
Professor′s feedback on topic:
I assume your focus in this project is to improve the order fulfilment process.
Its best not to begin with identifying the problem (as machinery)…but to use the six sigma approach to arrive at that through use of data and root cause analysis. You can set this up as a six sigma quality/lean process. Chapters of quality and lean in the text are most relevant.

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