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As a leader in special education, you will often be called upon to make importan

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Leadership | 0 comments

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As a leader in special education, you will often be called upon to make important decisions that impact stakeholders, supervise others, lead a team, or provide mentorship. Knowing what your leadership style is can help you as a leader reflect upon areas of strengths and potential areas of personal growth. To determine your leadership style, follow the steps below. Then, answer the reflection questions. Please be sure to review and adhere to the rubric in order to adequately address all criteria.
Step 1: Visit “Quiz: What’s Your Leadership Style?” here Please note that you may READ about the 4 leadership styles and then select the one that best describes you. TAKING THE ACTUAL QUIZ ON THIS PAGE IS NOT NECESSARY. It is ok to read about each leadership style and choose the one that best describes you. Feel free to take the quiz, however, the site will ask for an email address at the end of the quiz if you do. If you do not want to get emails from the company, you do not have to take the quiz to complete this assignment. (I entered an email address that most of my “junk” mail gets sent to so as not to overload my work or personal inbox). 😉
Step 2: Address the following question in a 2-4 page double-spaced APA formatted reflection:
Considering the results of this quiz and the readings from week 1, discuss how the qualities associated with your personal leadership style could be used to foster equity consciousness, as discussed by Pazey & Cole (2012) and transformational teams as discussed by Talbott et al. (2016). You should have at least 5 references to the week’s readings incorporated into your answer to this question. Note: Students often assume that if they do not want to be a special education administrator, that they are not really in a leadership position but that is not the case! Leadership comes in many forms! All of you are (or will be) leaders in special education. For example, you may be a BCBA overseeing and providing feedback to a new behaviorist or a classroom teacher working with and guiding paraprofessionals. These too are leadership positions.
Here is a list of suggested content and headings that can be used to set up/organize this paper:
Title page (should be on its own page)
My Leadership Style
Leadership Style Traits that Can Foster Equity Consciousness
Leadership Style Traits that Can Build Transformational Teams
References (should be on its own page)

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