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MODULE: Air Accident investigation and Safety
Assessment briefing and criteria:
In recent decades, aviation organisations have demonstrated strong awareness and drive towards
improved safety. This has enabled the global aviation industry to become one of the safest
industries globally.
As part of this assignment, you assume that you would like to join an aviation organisation of your
liking (airline, airport, or Air Traffic Management) as a Safety Manager. Being aware of the
importance of safety and responsibilities for the public, you would like to assess this organisation′s
safety standing and if their attitude towards safety meets your standards. Your final decision to
apply for the job there will depend on whether, in your view, this company is Generative,
Pathological, or anything in between, as we discussed in our classes and using the model(s) you
find appropriate for this discussion. Assume that the report will be a part of the documents
presented at your interview with the company’s hiring manager.
You are to write an individual 1,500-word report demonstrating your understanding of crucial
aspects of the safety profile and the efficiency of the Safety Management System in the chosen
organisation and how they compare to its safety history over time.
You will use the information from past accidents/ incidents and safety in the organisation (safety
databases in the public domain, public domain web/ regulatory/professional safety information,
academic sources).
This information will be compared to its public-facing Safety Profile/ Shape based on information
from, but not limited to, Shareholder′s reports, Company WEB page(s), industry/ professional
publications, and academic sources.
Finally, and based on evidence gathered for the organisation′s past and present safety profiles,
you will identify and discuss the chosen organisation′s position towards safety.

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