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Assignment Details Argumentative Essay As explained in the Unit 4 Submission ins

by | Aug 31, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Assignment Details
Argumentative Essay
As explained in the Unit 4 Submission instructions, an argumentative essay takes a position on a debatable, controversial topic and provides evidence to support the position.
In Unit 4 you submitted your prewriting and preliminary research on the topic you picked. This week, you will submit a complete publish of your argumentative essay. Make sure the topic is appropriate and that you incorporate the feedback provided to you by your instructor on the choice of topic, the argument(s) you proposed to support it, and the supporting source you found. Based on what you have learned in this unit about information literacy, feel free to search for other sources to support your viewpoint that you feel are of better quality based on the TRAP test you used for the first submission for this unit.
Download this template to help you complete this assignment.
NOTE: You may submit either the fully-completed template or use it as a guide, and submit only what you have included in the template.
Then, complete the following:
Write a 5-paragraph argumentative essay. Your essay should include the following:
Title page
Opening paragraph (include your thesis statement)
3 body paragraphs that support your opinions/positions with source information
Closing paragraph
References page (source information for the quotation and paraphrase)
Be sure to address the following in your submission:
APA formatting for the entire paper (including the in-text citations and References page)
The paper should be double spaced, with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font, per APA guidelines
Use of at least 1 credible source to support your position on the topic
Use of at least 1 example each of
Quotation (with properly formatted APA in-text citation)
Paraphrasing (with properly formatted APA in-text citation)
Logical reasoning
Use Tutoring if you need help at any point in the writing process.
NOTE: For assistance with this assignment, please refer to the assigned readings listed under Unit 6 Learning Activities, as well as your intellipath lessons.
Assignment Criteria Proficient Descriiptor Points
Introduction • Uses interesting opening strategies (fact, statistic, anecdote, etc.) to set the context and introduce the issue
• Takes a clear position on the issue
• Includes a clear thesis statement that contains the main idea and three supporting ideas to set the scope of the paper and provide an effective transition to the remaining paper. /40 pts.
Body Paragraphs: Development of Ideas • Identifies a main idea in each of the 3 body paragraphs through a topic sentence, and includes 3-4 supporting sentences that align with the main idea.
• Develops the thesis statement logically through the topic sentences and supporting ideas in each of the 3 body paragraphs.
• Provides reasonable examples as needed. /30 pts.
Body Paragraphs: Use of Counterarguments • Discusses and addresses counterarguments where relevant. /15 pts.
Body Paragraphs: Use of Transitions • Uses transitions appropriately to move the reader smoothly from one paragraph to the next. /5 pts.
Conclusion • Sums up the main points and connects briefly back to the thesis statement.
• Reiterates the position taken on the issue and reflects on the importance of the issue. /30 pts
Use of Evidence • Provides one example each of quotation, paraphrasing, and logical reasoning when presenting evidence
• Uses at least one credible source in the direct quotation and in the paraphrases as directed to support arguments made in the essay.
• Cites and references all sources accurately in APA Style. /15 pts.
Grammar & Mechanics • Sentences are clear, well-articulated within the specified assignment requirements, and free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors
• Writing edits reflect that instructor feedback has been addressed appropriately in the final submission. /10 pts.
Submission Style and Format • Paper is double spaced using 12-point Times Roman font with page numbers in the Running head.
• Includes APA formatted Title and Reference Page. /5 pts.

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