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Assignment Overview In this course, you will examine the benefits of implementin

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Assignment Overview
In this course, you will examine the benefits of implementing information systems to support business strategic and operational initiatives. You will gain an understanding of core foundations of information systems: software, hardware, networks, databases, and the personnel required to ensure successful implementation of these systems. You will also gain an understanding of the inherent risks associated with implementing information systems for both businesses and consumers.
For this project, you will conduct research to identify a software solution for a specific industry. You may begin with the industry, such as healthcare, and then identify the system, or you may begin with a type of solution, such as a Supply Chain Management System, and then identify the type of business in which it is used. The solution you select must support more than one function within an organization. For example, it would be acceptable to identify a Human Resource Enterprise solution, focusing on the numerous modules for which this can comprise. Individual solutions, such as payroll solution, are too narrow of the purpose of this project. You should use all resources available to you as you begin this search. You should choose an industry in which you have some personal experience with the business, such as healthcare, retail markets such as groceries.
Once you have identified the solution and industry, conduct research about why a business would implement this type of solution. You are expected to identify three (3) to five (5) strategies that this solution would support within that industry. These should be strategies and not tactical actions. Here are examples of each from the healthcare industry. An example of a strategy would be to “Create a seamless integration between all healthcare providers and the patient to ensure patient information is available at the right time, the right place, and for the right purpose.” An example of a tactical plan would be to “automate the medical record.” A strategy brings focus to the initiative; a tactical plan is one component that enables the initiative.
Unit 2 Research Project Identification
Write a short paper identifying and describing the industry and the specific solution for your final project. The detail should include an overall descriiption of the industry, the name of the specific product and the name of the company that produces it, information about the company, the modules offered within the product base, information about the intended users of the system, and overall expected benefits obtained by implementing the system. For example, within a Human Resource Enterprise Solution the student might find the following modules: Employment Module, Timekeeping, Benefits, Workforce Management, Resource Management, etc. The paper should identify and explain 3-5 reasons why a business would implement this product for strategic reasons. Be sure to cite relevant course materials and at least two relevant scholarly or professional journal articles written in the last 5 years to support the content of this paper.

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