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Based on your research question, 1. How did the increased crime rates in 2014 ne

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Statistics | 0 comments

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Based on your research question,
1. How did the increased crime rates in 2014 negatively impact Guyana’s economy?
Download a data table(s) of interest from ;
Select samples from the tables (appropriate variables and data) that will allow you to (1) construct a confidence interval, and (2) implement a one sample t-test using SPSS.
Create a matching SPSS database and transfer the relevant data from the MS Excel file to a SPSS database. Ensure that your variables are carefully created. Save the SPSS database and its output in the format: Groupname_MST1102SUM2022.
Use SPSS to generate appropriate descriiptive statistics and diagrams for each variable.
Employ a sound approach to determine the population mean and use the population mean with your data sample to conduct at least one one-sample t-test (hypothesis test) to support your research question.
Your submission must include as follows:
The title and research question for your studies. [2 marks]
A descriiption of the sample you are using. (this may differ from project 1 of 3). [3 marks]
Present descriiptive statistics [5 marks] and about two tables/diagrams [5 marks]. Each table or diagram must be accompanied by a succinct explanation.
For one of the variables, construct an appropriate confidence interval for the true population mean where the mean is unknown. State any assumptions [7 marks]
For another variable where the true population mean is known, provide brief explanation of the hypothesis test: what are you testing and why? How does it relate to your research question? Justify the suitability of the data for hypothesis testing. [4 marks] Use SPSS output to conduct the hypothesis testing procedure. Ensure your conclusion is in context. [5 marks]
A summary of your findings. [3 marks]
Appropriately formatted. [3 marks]
An appendix with a screen grab of each of (1) the SPSS dataset in ‘variable view’ mode, (2) the SPSS dataset in ‘Data view’ mode, and the output where the hypothesis test is on screen. Place each on a separate page. Ensure that the screen grab include the title bar. [3]
The instructions from project 1 on formatting, grouping, submission document type, and plagiarism are maintained for this project 2.

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