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Cause and Effect final Draft Assignment Content Turn in Cause and Effect paper f

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Cause and Effect final Draft
Assignment Content
Turn in Cause and Effect paper final draft. Remember paper is five page/ 1700 word paper, short papers will be docked major points. Review rubric to make sure you covered everything.
This is the outline turned in to start the paper. Cause and Effect Outline Introduction:
Thesis: Lying is a big problem in society today. 
Topic: The three primary causes of lying are to avoid guilt, peer pressure, and to spare the feelings of someone. 
Section A: People lie to avoid guilt when they have committed an act they wish to cover up and shift the guilt onto another. 
Section B: Sometimes one may lie due to peer pressure of feeling inferior to others within a social setting. For instance, if someone were liberal in a room full of conservatives one may lie concerning their beliefs to continue to fit within that peer group. 
Section C: There are some circumstances that one may find it better to lie than to tell the truth in order to spare another’s feelings. For example, a child eating their mothers cooking when asked if the food is good the child may feel led to lie and say it is good rather than be honest and tell the mother the truth in order to spare her feelings. 
Conclusion: The cause and effect of a lying society is most often negative. It destroys relationships leaving those being lied to with no trust for you and ruins your credibility. Regardless, a lie is detrimental to all involved whether it is the liar that continues to have to conjure more lies to cover the original lie being told or the loss of trust by the person that has been lied to. It is best that the liar be aware of the consequences of his/her actions and always know that it is best to tell the truth. This would make him/her a better member of society.
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