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Choose one of the following books: The Mormon Way of Doing Business: How Nine We

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Choose one of the following books:
The Mormon Way of Doing Business: How Nine Western Boys Reached the Top of
Corporate America by Jeff Benedict, 2007.
Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office: Eight Strategies for Winning in Business Without
Being a Jerk, Russ C. Edelman (Author), Timothy R. Hiltabiddle (Author) Charles C.
Manz, Penguin Group, 2008
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change,
by Stephen R. Covey
The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff
Cox (1992)
Your research paper will be in five separate parts. These are described below.
Part I – Summarize the book
Provide a complete summary of the basis for this book. What was the author trying to present?
(This section should be no less than two full pages)
Part II – Identify at least two separate and distinct concepts that the author presented and
provide details of both concepts.
Include information describing each in detail and discuss why they are important in the author’s’
eyes. (This section should be no less than one full page)
Part III – Select one of the above two concepts and research the concept from at least two other
Compare and contrast these other sources with the information gained from your chosen book.
Do the authors all agree? How might they differ? Resources should be articles or other books
(you can use Galileo as a vehicle for research) but should not be Wikipedia. Be certain to cite
these references properly within the document and provide their reference information at the
end of the paper. (This section should be no less than two full pages)
Part IV – Discussion
Critique the book. In what manner did the author present the topic? Did you find the topic(s)
interesting? Was the author’s style appealing? Why or why not?
Also, discuss each of the two concepts selected in Part II in the context of your B.A.S. degree.
Were these concepts new to you? Were they identified in any courses you took while in the
program? If, so identify the course and comment. Could these concepts be better included in
the BAS program? How can you use these concepts in your personal and/or professional lives?
(This is the bulk of your paper and should be no less than two full pages)
Part V – Conclusion
Conclude your paper with a closing statement regarding the value of your BAS degree as you
see it. As you prepare to move along life’s journey, soon to have a bachelor’s degree in hand,
explain what courses or concepts/ideas that you learned in this program that you value the most
and why. Finally, provide your thoughts on where can this program focus more attention to
become even more valuable to you in your future endeavors. (This conclusion should be no less
than one full page)
Paper Format
This research paper should be presented in paragraph form in a WORD format, 12-pt, Times
New Roman font. Section headings are acceptable. It should be double-spaced with one inch
margins all around. There should be a title page (not counted in minimum pages) which
includes the Title of the paper, the name of the book selected, the course name and number
and the instructor’s name. There must also be a reference page at the end of the paper (also
not counted in the required number of pages). Any style format is appropriate provided it is a
readily acceptable reference format. All pages should have page numbers centered at the bottom of each page

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