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DEFINE THE RESEARCH PROBLEM Part 1: Before starting with this assignment, please

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Part 1:
Before starting with this assignment, please note that your goal is to complete a research paper and present your findings to your client. The various steps in the research process will be divided into distinct steps, roughly following the chapters in our textbook. By the time we get to Chapter 14, you will have all the pieces you need to complete your research paper and presentation. Your research process will roughly consist of the following:
Apply for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to collect data from participants
Define the research problem
Identify/use secondary data
Prepare for collecting primary data / design a questionnaire
Distribute your questionnaire
Collect primary data
Prepare data for analysis
Analyze and interpret data
Write about your findings, answers to the research problem/questions, and recommended courses of action
You or your group’s role is to act as marketing consultants to the business/entity described by your topic. As such, it is my recommendation to reach out to the entity for their take on the problem at hand. The following is their contact info:
Chris Feakins, email
John Huggins, email
In this assignment, based on your knowledge of marketing, business principle, and the clients’ target population, you will set at least two research objectives for your research project and a set of research questions for each objective that your project will answer. Your assignment should include the following elements:
a general statement of the client’s problem that the client hopes to solve with the information you will provide in your report.
the decision(s) to be made by your client based on your research, and the decision alternatives
the target for the decision(s) to be made:
Is the goal to increase satisfaction/patronage of existing customers or
Is it to bring new customers to the business?
You must choose ONE of these; for this project, you cannot do both.
the client’s managerial objectives for the research project (may overlap with 1 and 2 above)
NOTE regarding managerial and research objectives:
A managerial objective is what the client hopes will result from the research project; examples might be
“to develop a more effective advertising campaign by the end of the quarter” or
“to increase the number of college students who shop at our store by the end of year.”
A research objective is different from a managerial objective. Your research objective should be to provide information that will help your client reach their managerial objective. For the managerial objective in the example above, a good research objective might be
“to determine which media college students are exposed to most frequently, and which media most strongly influence their purchase behavior.”
You must provide both a managerial objective (in part 4) and a research objective (in part 5, next) in this assignment.
your project’s research objective(s). Your project needs to have at least two research objectives. Some examples are listed below:
Assess Huntsville area residents’ awareness and knowledge about a local specialty grocery store that carries international foods.
Identify the best media for the store to use to increase awareness.
Determine whether customers would like a local restaurant to add a deck for outside dining and how often they would use it.
Identify what features customers desire for the deck.
Find out how satisfied incoming students are with Athens State orientation procedures.
Determine what changes would improve incoming students’ satisfaction with orientation procedures.
a list of research questions for each of the objectives in (5)
Organize this assignment so that each objective is followed by the research questions that are designed to meet each objective
Some important points to remember are below.
Research questions are not the same as questionnaire questions. Questionnaire questions are what you ask the consumer on a survey. Research questions are the questions the manager wants to answer. Put research questions only in this assignment. They should not include any second person pronouns.
The research questions should be very specific.
You need at least 5 research questions. You can also include a few additional, less important research questions in case there is space for them in the project.
Number the research questions so they are easy to refer to.
REMEMBER: When you prepare this assignment, put each research question directly beneath the objective the research question it relates to.

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