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Do not get up to present and

by | Oct 17, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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For the novel you read this summer or from the start of the school year, you are required to
create a visual representation of your book. Your goal is entice your classmates to read your
1. Creativity: This means you must go above and beyond a simple poster board
presentation. Suggestions: Write a song, do an interactive technology based
presentation (but NOT a book report), capitalize on a theme, or whatever you feel
would best represent your book. I’m not only looking at your understanding of the book
but also your ability to think and create without direction.
2. Content: The information you include should introduce your book, your opinions of
your reading, and what was impressive or not so impressive. However, it should not
include the ending of the novel. If you include written work, please be sure to follow
standard writing conventions in typed format.
3. Presentation: You will need to have a planned presentation. Please be prepared to
address your classmates in a 4-5 minute presentation. DO NOT get up to present and
have nothing to say. You need to be prepared for your presentation.

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