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Does not use correct apa 7 style uses some sources and quote to help visualize key concepts.

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Drawing from course reading, discussion, guest speakers, artmaking and field notes, please write a final paper for the course that focuses on one of the 4 R’s that were highlighted in the course.
• Include three significant points regarding new understandings that you acquired.
• Include several direct quotes from the reading.
• Include and make reference to at least two of the artmaking projects (Include both artmaking and perhaps artist or speaker whose work you were introduced to).
• In addition, find at least two examples to support the ways your course work has allowed you to address 1-2 of the course objectives (see above details in the course objectives)
Course Essay /30 1-3.5 3.5-4.5 4.5-5.5 6
Exceptional: above and beyond all requirements
Content and Development of thesis Partially explains or describes key concepts as requested above, and does not fully support them with additional info, reasons or details Clearly describes key concepts in relation to artists (as requested above). Adequately supports with some info, reasons or details Key concepts are clearly defined in relation to art or artists’ work (as requested above). Writer addresses and gives solid reasons/examples/points to explain
Paper focuses on new understandings regarding one of the 4R’s highlighted in the course – and makes connections to particular lands on which the walks took place. Partially explains, describes and makes connections Clearly describes and explains new understandings regarding the R word and makes strong connections to the land on which the walk took place. Chosen R concept is well-explained and well-thought through –connections are made to learning from the land.
Organization Weak thesis statement and a few topic sentences. Need more organization to divide work into, intro, body and conclusion. Title, intro and conclusion partially present and sum up main points. Effective thesis statement and some effective topic sentences. Intro, body and conclusion that sum up main points. Effective thesis statement, effective topic sentences – introduction body and conclusion. Effective title, intro and conclusion sum up main points
Sources and quotes Insufficient or inadequate use of sources and quotes. Does not use correct APA 7 style Uses some sources and quote to help visualize key concepts. Uses APA 7 with some errors. Excellent use of sources and quotes to visualize and explain key concepts. No errors in APA 7 style.
Grammar and typographical errors A few errors in style and punctuation, spelling and capitalization. Grammar problems make some sentences difficult to understand or writing is impeded by typographical errors. Some aspects of writing are unclear due to minor errors. Punctuation, spelling, grammar and capitalization are generally correct with few errors.
Ideas are easy to understand. No errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar or capitalization.
Ideas are clear and unimpeded by errors.
please previous assignment on field note and artst statement for an idea of what the class has been like.
Calendar Description:
SW 405 – Social Work with Indigenous Peoples
This course investigates theory and practices for social workers to support Indigenous individuals, families and communities in a variety of settings. The course explores the history of oppression experienced by Indigenous peoples by government policies. Emphasis is placed on individual self-determination, cultural safety, Indigenous self-governance and societal decolonization.
Course Objectives:
By the end of the semester, the student should be able to:
1. Understand historical issues that impact Aboriginal peoples today;
2. Identify and analyze cultural and systemic forms of discrimination and oppression of Aboriginal peoples vis-à-vis social service programs;
3. Assess and evaluate alternative strategies in the delivery of social work services to Aboriginal peoples;
4. Articulate roadblocks and opportunities for Aboriginal self-governance within the delivery of social service programs;
5. Demonstrate skills with respect to critical analysis, self-reflection, research, academic writing and art-making.
Required Textbook(s):
Linklater, R. (2014). Decolonizing Trauma Work. Fernwood Books.
Kimmerer, R. (2013). Braiding Sweetgrasss: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the teachings of plants. Milkweed.

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