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Double-spaced, 4 pages minimum to 6 pages excluding references.

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I am required to listen to a podcast on human sexuality. I have chosen the podcast:
Introduce and summarize the podcast and topic it explores Define and explain (with references) any of the topics explored in the podcast.
Search for one other article on the topic your podcasts explores
Describe the article and offer a comparison of how it relates to the podcast’s exploration of the topic
Comment and reflect on your own personal opinions of the topic(s) explored
You can discuss things like: what your thoughts on the topic are, or what you learned that you found surprising, interesting, etc.
Conclude with a summary your overall thoughts about the topics and ideas covered in the podcast and discuss why they are important to understand as they relate to the field of human sexuality
You can comment on whether or not you are surprised by parts of the podcast, or for example;
Or offer any final thoughts about the importance of studying and understanding the topics(s) discussed.
Double-spaced, 4 pages minimum to 6 pages excluding references.
12 point font
Insert page numbers
Include your student information as a cover page or page header.
Full Name, Date, Course Code (GENE31)
You MUST include a minimum of 2 references.
You CAN use the course textbook
You CANNOT use Wikipedia or other non-academic web sources
Legitimate news and media sources like New York Times are fine
Please follow APA formatting for referencing both in-text and for your final reference page. This counts toward 10% of your paper grade. You DO NOT need an abstract or formal title page.

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