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Formulate a 2-3 paragraph program philosophy for the program curriculum you are

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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Formulate a 2-3 paragraph program philosophy for the program curriculum you are creating and designate if this is for an academic or nursing professional development program. Nursing program philosophy statements should include nursing and/or educational theory-based content. This can be an academic or professional development program in which you are student teaching, or for an academic or nursing professional development program that is created or based on your place of employment. The philosophy should reflect beliefs and values as these pertain to nursing education, the role as a teacher, the instructor relationships with students, the learning environment, and content pertaining to healthcare delivery to provide optimal patient health outcomes. Analyze the nursing characteristics you wish to see in your students completing the program. The philosophy should also align with the mission statement.
Mission Statement: Additionally, formulate a nursing mission statement. Remember that the mission statement represents an overarching vision for the school or place of employment and needs to align with the program outcomes and for the institution (academic or healthcare workplace). See the grading rubric for point allocation. The mission statement should be no longer than 3-6 sentences long, within a single paragraph.

The Program Philosophy and Mission Statement cannot utilize already formulated courses, or nursing professional program content, from prior MSN coursework. This work must reflect original work of the student. However, the mission statement of the school or employer may be integrated into your work, with appropriate reference citation. This project may utilize models/theories/ frameworks associated with concept-based or competency-based educational models, but needs to reflect original thought on the student’s part.
Write the paper in a formal manner. Do not use first or second person pronouns or refer to yourself in any way. The paper should be 1-2 pages in length, not counting the title page and references, and written in APA format. No table of contents or abstract is needed. A minimum of three references is required.
This assignment is related to Module 1 Objectives: (1) Analyze the importance of congruence between program philosophy and mission statement, and (2) Formulate a nursing program philosophy and mission statement. Program Philosophy (CLO 1,2,3)
Program Philosophy (CLO 1,2,3)
Criteria Ratings Pts
view longer descriiption
20 pts
Well organized. MEAL Plan followed.
16 pts
Partially organized. 2 MEAL plan errors.
14 pts
Needs Improvement
Disorganized. More than 2 MEAL plan errors.
/ 20 pts
view longer descriiption
10 pts
Less than 2 APA/referencing errors
8 pts
3 to 5 APA/referencing errors
6 pts
Needs Improvement
More than 5 APA /referencing errors
/ 10 pts
view longer descriiption
20 pts
18 pts
Above Average
Missing 1 element
16 pts
Missing 2 elements
15 pts
Below Average
Missing 3 elements

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