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Helping individuals

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Length: 7PAGES
This assignment asks students to explore and critically reflect on social work practice as it
relates to one’s own philosophy, values, and ideology. As a professional social worker, you will
be doing the unique and complex work of working closely with individuals. Helping individuals
work towards developing a sense of self requires you to also have a strong understanding of
As a social worker, it is important to have a well-developed self-understanding because you are
using yourself in the work. The consequence of failing to be reflective and reflexive is the
potential of harm to clients who are recipients of your service. An understanding of who you
are, how you present yourself, the issues that cause you anxiety or uneasiness, and the
patterns of interaction you tend to prefer are important to know. Further, it is important to
identify personal triggers as its presence impacts the assessment/planning stage of working
with the client.
Further details of this paper will be discussed in class.
A sheet of questions to consider in writing this paper will also be provided in class.
The purpose of this assignment is:
• To develop self-understanding of professional strengths, passions, challenges, or
possible emotional triggers that will impact your practice.
• To introduce the student to self-assessment and to acknowledge how one’s personal
experiences, beliefs, judgements, perceptions, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, gender
identity, or sexual orientation may affect their own practice.
Please also reference the Canadian Association of Social Work Code of Ethics.
The final grade for this assignment will be based upon the University of Regina Grading
Guidelines and allocated as follows:
a) Clear identification of one’s own strengths and weaknesses (5 marks)
b) Clear identification of areas of struggle, such as triggers (5 marks)
c) Exploration of areas of growth (5 marks).
d) Grammar, spelling format, cohesion, APA style (5 marks)
Evans D., Hearn, M., Uhlemann, M., & Ivey, A. (2017). Essential interviewing: A programmed
approach to effective communication (9th Ed.). Brooks/Cole: Belmont, CA.
(Using an older edition of this textbook is perfectly acceptable and will not influence your
potential for success in this course).
Chapter 1 – 14

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