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Hi there, Please read this carefully before starting the work. I need all thre

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Business | 0 comments

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Hi there,
Please read this carefully before starting the work.
I need all three technical analysis for a firm names as Business in Focus. There website is


Company’s introduction can be found on the website. The three key points which need covering are company offers three main services
1- Startup loans
2- Property for co working, desk spaces etc free of charge
3- Business Advise
Company is basically working under the branding of Welsh and UK Government and mostly unable to use their own brand name directly.
The main problem they have is, since they use Welsh Government and Uk Government branding on their programmes (they have to as per the contracts) clients don’t know who Business in Focus is or what they do – 
The secondary problem is they offer a variety of services and a client may only know them for one service – i.e client may have an office in their property but not know that they also run Business Wales for Welsh Government or that they offer Start up Loans like different services.
What need to be done is that
At this stage, for the document to be meaningful, it would benefit from actual references to ‘who’ and ‘what’ their threats and opportunities are as well as real examples of weaknesses and opportunities.
A table format would make the review clearer and allow for analysis across the four SWOT categories and same goes for Pestel analysis. Also competitors needs to be referenced directly. Please see below who the competitors are and compare the services and products of business in focus with them, like where business in focus strength is as compared to its competitors and in which field and where they are lacking, which opportunities they need to capture and what you would advise us to do to mitigate threats, and maximize opportunities etc. 
Please capture the strengths, threats etc in a table and then provide a narrative summary. **
For example I believe that Based on Business in Focus social media I have determined that their brand and social media are lacking, but need to provide an authentic reason or a suggestion as to what their competitors are doing better than them.
I hope this makes sense and helps. Just remember please do not review it as general, need a comprehensive comparison with its competitors. Please use below information for the competitors across all the three services which business in focus is providing.
Current competitors are also their existing & potential partners – the businesses vary depending on the area of Business in Focus
For example:
Start up Loans – competitors include high street banks and online lenders and the other delivery partners whose services are available in Wales. Only companies who have services in Wales as well need to be compared with Business in Focus where they are doing better and where business in focus is doing better
In Property field their competitors are commercial landlords in Wales, Regus, Knight Frank etc
In Co-working competitors are – other co-working providers like Town Square spaces, Welsh ICE, Indy Cube, tramshed tech
Advice providers – Antur Cymru (also a partner), Cwmpas, Welsh ICE, Town Square Spaces, Tramshed tech, Exemplas, working links, etc
Also, can you please add how the company name and brand supports their aims, detracts from them or is neutral – and whether the sub brands and programme headings confuse or assist? Again solid argument is required with the proper back up not a generic advise.
Please use the above competitors to produce the analysis. I hope this helps. Any question please ask!

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