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How does the master’s political rule (advised by lao-tzu in “thoughtsfrom the tao-te ching”) compare to the prince’s political rule (advised by machiavelli in “thequalities of the prince”)?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Although Lao-tzu’s Master is a type of sage who is concerned with his people’s spiritualwellbeing, he is also a political ruler who attends to his people’s social wellbeing and theprosperity of his country. How does the Master’s political rule (advised by Lao-tzu in “Thoughtsfrom the Tao-te Ching”) compare to the Prince’s political rule (advised by Machiavelli in “TheQualities of the Prince”)? Write an essay in which you compare significant aspects of theirpolitical rule (the ruler’s reputation among the people, for example)

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