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Create a short 1-minute video (TikTok style, or a longer Instagram Reels) to teach one of the concepts below. Your audience is the general public, not necessarily first graders, but also not rocket scientists.
Atmospheric stability and how that impacts thunderstorm development
Structure of the atmosphere
Evidence and impacts of climate change
How satellites and/or radar work, how they have improved and help forecasting
Just be sure your video:
teaches the audience something related to one of the topics above (note: your 1-minute video does NOT need to cover everything about that topic; that would be impossible. It just needs to teach SOMETHING about that topic to demonstrate your understanding of that topic) (100 points)
is 50-70 seconds long (50 points)
is entertaining (20 points)
includes at least one of the following: props, on-screen text, costumes, graphics (drawing on screen, gifs, emojis, animations, etc.) (20 points)
is NOT you just sitting on your bed reading from sheet of paper (10 points… yes, you get points for not doing this!)

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