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How to position ourselves in the presence of multinational companies With Tanami

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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How to position ourselves in the presence of multinational companies
With Tanami properties, we position ourselves as well-established UAE real estate company and compare ourselves to be on the same level as multinational companies even more advanced in sales and marketing when servicing and providing additional and special services to our customers.
We improved our sales by automating the sales and prospects procedures giving our sales team the right tools to approach our clientele and to produce sales while competing with multinational real estate companies. For that purpose, we managed to integrate an automated solution along with track and trace systems to generate and manage leads. Tanami evaluates and tracks every characteristic of a lead i.e. from generation to prospection, meeting, visit, deal closure and the thank you email that is sent to the client at the end of the sales process, not to mention our after-sale services. Variety range of Services and Products including sales of the off plan communities, residential, consultancy and advisory, property management facilities, etc.
In addition to above, we provide extra services (considered as a plus) specially that we have over 10 years of experience in UAE laws and regulations knowledge that customer benefits from tax exemptions as well as visas by making for them and their family necessary arrangements, formalities, and procedures to help them gain various type of visas i.e. UAE Property Investor visa, Property Residential visa, Free Zone Residence Visa. From the marketing side, our strong marketing team focused on digital marketing to reach most of our prospects/customers who surf online. Also our team exclusively focused on targeting good quality buyers through various sources and by using a range of techniques for instance, achieving highest ranking on Google page listings so buyers who are searching for property are directed straight to our sellers’ properties.
Not to mention that our sales and professional team coming from different nationality with professional background.

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