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I am re-applying to medical school residency this year. I was unable to get resi

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Medicine | 0 comments

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I am re-applying to medical school residency this year. I was unable to get residency last year because I failed my boards three times. Unfortunately, my results won’t be in on time to include that I have passed the exam this time around. I have yet to take the exam so I don’t have a guarantee that I will pass it. However, I need to make it seem as though I will on the application. The theme of the essay needs to revolve around resiliency, passion, persistence, and the ability to seek new solutions to problems. Something I am doing differently in terms of my learning this time around is working with a prep program called Stat Med, that not only helps you with your medical knowledge but also has shown to be very successful in helping students with their test taking skills. The test taking has primarily been responsible for me failing. I have been passing my practice exams by 30 points however for some reason it does not reflect on my real exam. I do have anxiety; however, it has not hindered my ability in the past to take exams. To cope with this aspect of things I have been doing hypnosis, exercising and meal prepping for brain food. I will also work closely with a tutor for a lot more hours than I did last time. I don’t have to include all these things but a few things that will stand out that I’m doing differently. I also have taken a break this year to work on my mental health so I can reset my mind and start studying again. I traveled back to my home countries of India and Kuwait (I was raised in both) to help reset my brain and draw on my mental capacity. I will be applying for psychiatry in family medicine residency. I will have to submit 2 personal statements; however, I am unable to afford to pay for 2 papers right now. So, if this personal statement generically covers taking care of a patient’s mental and physical health, I should be able to modify it to fit both papers. A big problem that I have is the personal statement is only supposed to be one page or it is recommended to be one page, and my statement from last year includes all the important information that needs to be on there. So, it’s a matter of knowing what to take out or leave in and that is more important. The only criteria that are specified for the personal statement is 28,000 characters. Please make note that I am not looking to change the essay entirely, rather to modify certain things and prioritize what is important to include this time around. I have included my personal statements from last year for both residencies.
Please let me know if you need any more additional details or information. This essay is a huge part of what determines my future career. Thank you so much for all your help.

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