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II .Topic Selection Discussion Purpose of the Discussion The three major assignm

by | Aug 31, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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II .Topic Selection Discussion
Purpose of the Discussion
The three major assignments in this course culminate in an exceptional writing sample that will help you to develop a better understanding of research writing. The major assignments you complete in this class challenge you to move through the stages of developing a professional, intellectually rigorous writing and research project, which will provide you with a skill set that will make you an asset to any employer.
Here is a snapshot of that process:
The semester begins by using the GTCC library databases (Links to an external site.) to research an issue in your current or future professional field that poses a challenge both domestically (within the United States) and globally (choose one region/ country of interest). You will then organize this research into your first major assignment: an Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.).
Using the research you collected and analyzed for the Annotated Bibliography, you will then write an Investigative Report. An Investigative Report presents cutting-edge research about an issue and suggests a series of recommendations that might benefit or alleviate the issue, as supported by the research conducted.
The final major assignment requires the student to develop one of the recommendations from the Investigative Report into a project that could be adopted by an appropriate organization. You will then develop a Proposal Memorandum based on this project concept with the intention of proposing your project to an appropriate organization or business in your professional field.
This forum will help you to explore possible topics for the Annotated Bibliography. By the time the Annotated Bibliography is submitted, everyone will have a solid idea of the topic for their next two major assignments.
Learning Objectives
Research a topic of interest.
Support with evidence a position on the topic.
Participate in reasonable, thoughtful discussions.
Respond to other’s ideas clearly and logically.
In this forum, we are going to brainstorm with each other possible topics for our Annotated Bibliographies. However, in order to discuss these topics correctly, we need to be familiar with certain terms used and what they mean:
Discipline: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this is “a branch of learning or scholarly instruction.”
Field: All disciplines have a variety of fields within them. For example, Social Science can include the fields of criminal justice, counseling, sociology, psychology.
Position: This is the actual job performed in a given field. For example, there are many different jobs under the umbrella of criminal justice, but usually people have an idea of what they want to “do” in a given field when they choose that field.
It is necessary to have a general idea of how you identify yourself professionally with these terms because they will be the foundation of your research.
An example of this breakdown would be a student who wants to be a nurse and wants to work in the ER.
Discipline = Medicine / Healthcare
Field = Nursing
Position title = Emergency Department Nurse
If you are unsure how these categories apply to you, you have a few options:
Google it! (This classifies as informal research, and this is the most appropriate time to use this type of research in ENG 112
Chat with a professional in your field of interest.
Your next step is to begin to research what types of challenges people are facing who work in your future field, both within the United States and globally.
How might you begin to generate these ideas?
Perform a Google search using the professional terms you identified above and do some reading and exploring. (Again, this is considered informal research and is one of the few times it is acceptable to use these types of sources in ENG 112.)
Talk to professionals currently working in the field about challenges they are experiencing.
Draw on personal experience, if you are currently working in the field
TITLE your original post: Discipline/ Field/ Position (For example: Healthcare/ Nursing/ ED Nurse)
Then, in a paragraph of 200-250 words, answer the following questions:
Based on the sources you consulted about your professional field of interest, state at least three examples of the role that research will play in your position?
Based on that same information, what are three types of writing skills that will be especially important for you to bring to your professional work?
Name at least three challenges facing people working in your future profession. (Remember to think locally AND globally!)
At this moment, which of these challenges seems the most intriguing to you and why?

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