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Important Vocabulary I’ll include a quick view of pertinent vocabulary for each

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Important Vocabulary
I’ll include a quick view of pertinent vocabulary for each module. These are words that you need to understand in order to interact with the content adequately. If my definition is not enough to clarify, please look at additional resources or email me. For instance, this week includes both motor learning and motor development — it is important as a physical educator and as a person who is learning about the body to know the difference between these terms.
Motor Development – both an academic field of study AND the process by which people gain and control movements across the lifespan
Motor Learning – process by which an individual acquires motor skills
Motor Skills – skills that allow movement and that are used to perform daily tasks
Gross Motor Skills – involve large muscle groups (sitting upright, unassisted; crawling; walking; running)
Fine Motor Skills – using smaller muscle groups often to manipulate objects such as holding a pen to write.
Learning Theories – these are not unique to physical education by any means. Learning theories apply to how we receive, process, and retain knowledge regardless of the content area
Theories of Motor Development – similar to learning theories, these are theories about how people acquire motor skills
Points to ponder
In this section I will throw out some concepts that each of us needs to think about regarding the module’s topic and how that topic or topics relate to physical education. We DO NOT all have to have the same opinions but we SHOULD all take time to investigate what we believe and where those ideas have come from.
Is motor development pre-determined?
Do all people follow the same development patterns?
Is motor learning just like cognitive learning?
What does Physical Education have to do with motor development and motor learning?
Resources to investigate
Each module, I will provide you links and resources to introduce content to you in a variety of ways. You are expected to also look for your own additional resources to gain deeper understanding of the concepts covered. When completing written assignments, if you ONLY cite sources that I have provided you, you will not receive full credit. As a person pursuing a higher degree, you need to have the ability to fact check me and to find additional quality resources as a part of your own research ability.
Read: Dynamic Systems Theory of Motor Development (Links to an external site.)
Synergies, The Self organizing principle, a non-linear system vs. a linear system, & Movement variability
Read the three-paragraph overview: Neuromaturational Theory (Links to an external site.) –> as the brain matures, more movements are possible
Theory initiated in 1930’s
minimal influence from the environment
Genetically determined sequence of development (although the timing may be different from person to person)
Read: Information Processing Perspective (Links to an external site.)
Read this introduction (Links to an external site.) (unfortunately our library doesn’t have free access to RQES articles). Even within this sample, however, you should be able to get a feel for where he is going with this idea.
Brain is like a computer
Motor development is driven by external processes
Read: brief overview of this model (Links to an external site.)
Look at: The Movement Wheel Download The Movement Wheel

Things to Complete
Finally, each week you’ll have assignments and they will be listed here. For this week, we’re keeping things simple and I’m really just asking you to personally reflect on your own beliefs about motor development based on what you read this week and what you have witnessed in your own life. Maybe your perceptions will change as we go through the course, or maybe the course will simply reinforce what you have already believed and provide you some solid evidence to back up your intuition. But the only way to know that…is to first give some time to identify what you believe. Don’t fret…we will revisit these by the end of the semester!
Consider your personal teaching philosophy and what you believe about the purpose of Physical Education.
Write 4-5 paragraphs (3-4 complete sentences per paragraph) detailing the following:
What theory of motor development do you align with and why
Based on that theory, how will you utilize your role as a physical educator to teach motor competence
Be sure to cite at least one source using proper APA format
Grading Rubric:
Criteria Points Possible
Organized with clear flow from paragraph to paragraph 10
Clearly identifies which theory of motor development you currently believe in 5
Makes an intentional connection between the theory and how it effects teaching practices in Physical Education 10
Proper APA in-text citation AND full reference listed at the end 5

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