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Intro paragraph – hook sentence and thesis sentence

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Literature | 0 comments

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Your essay should be no longer than 1750 characters. To check it, use the “Word Count” in the tools
of your word processing application (Word, Google Docs, Mac Pages)
I. Intro Paragraph – Hook sentence and thesis sentence
II. Body Paragraph 1 – 1
st reason topic sentence and detail sentences
III. Body Paragraph 2 – 2
nd reason topic sentence and detail sentences
IV. Conclusion Paragraph – concluding sentences
• Font – Times New Roman or Arial, Size 12
• DO NOT add extra space between paragraphs. The double-spacing setting will make the right
• Indent your paragraphs PLEASE (The “tab” button will indent it)
• Double spacing – Set it to 2.0 for Word Users (“Double” for Google Docs users) BEFORE you begin
typing your essay. Or if you’ve written it, highlight your entire essay and change it

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