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Is there a difference between the two surfaces?

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Engineering | 0 comments

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An object is dragged in three different directions (A, B and C) on two different surfaces and the dragging force is measured and recorded. Perform statistical analysis on the data and answer the following questions (justify your answer)
a. Mean and standard error of the dragging force for all cases
b. Is the dragging direction effects the value of the mean force (consider each two surfaces separately)?
c. Is there a difference between the two surfaces?
The data is posted on canvas in the assignment module under “Data” under the name “Data for statistics”. For each student should pick the data set under his number (see attached list of names). The data for each surface is separated by few columns.
For the machine showing below
1. The mass of the projectile is first digit of your Z number in kg.
2. H=2[m] with error of 0.05[m]
3. The length L is given by third digit of your Z number in [m] with 5% error
4. The spring ahs a constant K=1000[N/m] with 2% error
At =45[deg] the spring is relaxed.
The arm is rotated CW to =15[deg]. 1. Determine the distance the projectile will be thrown.
2. Determine the error in this distance due to the errors mentioned above.
Z Number – Z23508610
Assignment attached

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