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Learning objective: CLO1 – Articulate an analysis of new media artworks. CLO2 –

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Art & architecture | 0 comments

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Learning objective:
CLO1 – Articulate an analysis of new media artworks.
CLO2 – Identify key artworks, styles, and new media-related art movements.
CL03 – Identify and discuss social, technical and aesthetic factors impacting new media art.
Instructions for write-up (You have 2 choices for a response)
Choice A.
Choose your favorite manifesto from the MANIFESTOS TO CHOOSE FROM…page.
Read the manifesto to understand meaning and make a list of 5-10 key terms that the author(s) use to put across their ideas.
Question: What do the author(s) say about aesthetics, technology, society? Include at least one quote from author.
Does the manifesto suggest that society needs to change? If so, how and why? Discuss.
Choice B.
Read through the manifestos on offer. When you feel you have understood what a manifesto is, please write your own.
Note: If you do not actually accomplish writing something that reads like a manifesto, you will be asked to do a re-write.
Please indicate in another section from your manifesto, which manifesto(s) you were most influenced by. Provide quotes to substantiate this claim.
Write about 1 page. Double-spaced. Give your response a title.
You do not have to write formally, but please use grammar and spell check. Proofread for glaring errors.
Submit as a pdf to Canvas and include your name, my name, and course title on the assignment.
Here is a selection of artists’ manifestos written by artists, musicians or theorists,
dating back to 1914.
The texts present how each writer or art collective sees the
role of art in culture, the role of artists in modern society, as well as how new
technologies relate to art making. They take positions on art forms, artistic
themes, and cultural practices from individual works to museums & misogyny.
Note: We will be looking more deeply at a few these in class, but they are the
basis of Exercise #1: Manifesto, textual analysis. (See Module 1) Also, I need to find a good version of Feeble love, so I have removed it.(Tzara)
• T. Marinetti, The Futurist Manifesto, 1914.
• L. Russolo, The Art of Noise (see Guggenheim site or the British Library version
◦ Futurist manifestos at the Guggenheim site (Links to an external site.)
◦ British Library version (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
• H. Ball, (Links to an external site.)Dada Manifesto (1916) (Links to an external site.)
• Tristan Tzara, Dada Manifesto of 1918. (Links to an external site.)
• Tristan Tzara, Manifesto of Mr. Antipyrine. (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
• A. Breton, A Manifesto of Surrealism.
• L. Maholy-Nagy, A New Instrument of Vision.
• John Cage, The Future of Music.
•Fluxus manifesto, 1963. (Links to an external site.)
• 1985 – D. Haraway, The Cyborg Manifesto.
• 1991 – The Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st c. (Links to an external site.)
• Xenofeminist Manifesto: A Politics for Alienation, 2018. (Links to an external site.)
• The Empire Strikes Back: A Post Transexual Manifesto (Links to an external site.)by Sandy Stone
• Pussy Riot manifesto (Links to an external site.) on WePresent
◦ ‘Manifestos’ is a series on WePresent.
•Purple Noise Manifesto: Feminist Noisification of Social Media.pdf (Links to an external site.)
Further study
• MOMA article – Words in Freedom: Futurists at 100

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