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NOTE: There are 3 parts, please complete each part of a DIFFERENT sheet of paper

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NOTE: There are 3 parts, please complete each part of a DIFFERENT sheet of paper. PART 1 should be 1 page: Microsoft wordPART 2: should be 1 page & an Excel documentPART 3: should be 1 page: Microsoft word
PART 1:The concept behind the triple bottom line is that companies are responsible to all their stakeholders. This includes everyone involved with the company, whether directly or indirectly. It also includes the planet on which we all live. This approach views shareholders as very important stakeholders. This approach also recognizes the need for companies to consider other important stakeholders in the company, including employees, customers, vendors, and the larger community.Before writing this week’s discussion posting, review this MindTools article, The Triple Bottom Line: Measuring Your Organization’s Wider Impact, for more details on the triple bottom line.This Week’s Discussion PostFor this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:How would you implement the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) concept at your chosen company, whether you are using the snack food company scenario or the company of your choice?Keep the following format in mind as you complete this week’s discussion:Profit: When looking at profit from this theory’s perspective, the idea is that profits will help empower and sustain the community as a whole. Profits are more than just a benefit for shareholders. Briefly explain your approach.People: Describe your approach to caring about suppliers, customers, employees, and the community. For example, one way to care about employees is to provide a good working environment, training and development opportunities, and health care.Planet: Explain your approach to minimizing your company’s impact on the environment. For example, your company might develop a process to minimize waste or reduce energy usage, such as using recycled materials in its production process.Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.Notes1.Start your response with a brief descriiption of your business (no more than 3 sentences). Specify your company name, what business you are in, and the specific product(s) or service (s) you plan to sell. NOTE:  My business is a cupcake company.named Jerome’s Snack Cakes. We sell 3 cakes: chocolate, strawberry & lemon. It was started in Atlanta.
PART 2: MPORTANT: I attached an example of what the Business Plan Financials Excel Template should look like. I also attached other information about my company for you to complete.Snack Food Company Guidelines [PDF]
This Week’s Discussion PostFor this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:Complete all worksheets in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template using your business plan and the appropriate set of guidelines for the company, whether it is a startup company of your choosing or based on the snack food company scenario.If you are working with the Snack Food Company, input the applicable numbers from the guidelines.Completing all these worksheets will enable you to finalize the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet worksheets in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template.
PART 3:You can use the same documents I uploaded and sent you for PART 2 to complete PART 3: I also uploaded you a picture of what the The Financials table should look like:
“Assumption Sheet,” pages 323–324 and “Sample Plan: Assumptions,” page 332.”Sources and Use of Funds,” page 317 and “Sample Plan: Sources and Use of Funds,” page 331.”Break-Even Analysis,” pages 320–321.The financial plan must be based on decisions and facts. Investors want to know whether your business plan is realistic.For This Week’s Discussion, Please Respond to the FollowingProvide a written overview of the plan assumptions and key financials based on the information contained in your business plan and your Business Plan Financials Excel Template.Use headings (bold) to address each required topic.

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