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Planning a Computer Purchase For this assignment, you will research your compute

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Planning a Computer Purchase
For this assignment, you will research your computer needs and components for a computer system that meets those needs and complete a template to summarize your research. 
Perform a web search for articles that will help you choose the right computer based on how you plan to use the device. Review at least three different articles of your choice and identify the computer specifications. (You will list references for all three articles within your template using APA citations.)
Perform a web search for companies that offer customizable computer builds. Be sure to use keywords for your computer preference to help narrow down the search. For example, you may search for “build a custom laptop.” 
Choose a company to start your custom computer build.
Using the customizable option, play with the different options available per hardware piece and select the item that best suits your personal needs. Identify the price of the different hardware parts that are needed for your device. 
Hint: Consider how you plan to use the computer as you select the necessary options. If you are a gamer, what do you need to play your favorite game? If you create videos, what do you need to process high-quality videos? What speed is required to efficiently complete common tasks? Think about what you really need from your system.
Hint: Some computers may have integrated components, such as built-in video cards or sound cards (this is very common with laptops). If you find a system that doesn’t explicitly link specifications for these items, indicate on the template that they are “Integrated” and the price is part of the base price for the system. If truly building a system from scratch, these would be familiar to you by looking at the specifications for the motherboard or external card.
Complete the table in the template, adding the choices you made, why you chose the items, and how much each item costs.
Be sure to cite each source you used in your research with a reference in APA format.

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