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Please see attached file for clear instructions. This is just the Thesis proposa

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Business | 0 comments

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Please see attached file for clear instructions. This is just the Thesis proposal (not the full thesis).
The paper needs to be written in the point of view of a “researcher” as opposed to a storyteller. We need to make a strong point – and a case for it. The strong point should be – many companies of the future should focus on building triple bottom line companies (i.e. they are profitable, they do good for society AND help the environment). Why? because triple bottom line entrepreneurship can be very successful! Grab is one case example in South East Asia. Aravind Eye Hospital is another example from India. Many more examples could be found where very successful enterprises have been started and grown to critical size (in terms of social and economic impact). So knowing that there’s been many examples, we would like to put forth the case that any potential entrepreneur/reader (audience) could be inspired by this paper to start a triple bottom line company. Undeniably, it is not easy. So it would be good to flesh out some of the difficulties and lessons learnt so that the same mistakes won’t be repeated.
Another point should also be on why we need to create more social entrepreneurship. And why many stakeholders could benefit in the short, medium and long term. Who are these stakeholders: government, society, investors, employees and the entrepreneurs themselves.
Skeptics would say would customers care? Hence, we would need to make a case that consumers will care about this going forward and actually doing good for society, the environment and making profits are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps, we need to make short term sacrifices on immediate profits but over the long run it would make economic and social sense.
Normally ESG outcomes are acted upon in companies because governments in that country push for certain rules or policies. Or capital markets/investors are pricing in either an incentive or a penalty. The strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities of ESG should be explored. How society’s react to it and customers. Etc. then share the impact. Share what regulators can do better. Share what investors can do better. Share what other companies can do better. Grab as a company is a success and a GOOD example of why triple bottom line companies can exist and should. Show it’s important. Well recognised by the community. People need to believe this is important and has educational value for all the companies. Lens of govt, investors, employees, founders, consumers. When ESG is built into the company mission and dna – it can be very successful. It has helped Grab hire higher quality people who are missionaries not mercenaries. It has increased Government love.
Grab as a company is just one of the case study that should be used. The thesis proposal shouldn’t be about Grab or from a Grab lens. Grab as a company is to be used as an example of a case in the proposal. We should use other companies as well.
If it’s done well, will also do the 50,000 word thesis with you. Thank you!
Please break it down into these 3 parts: 1. Background and motivation 2. Here’s how we do it. 3. Implications and lessons.

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