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***please the questions document are named : project +2 part 1 & 2.

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The instructor insist to answer the questions as the instructions and Hints and Use the KNIME tool for answering all the question specially the part 1. The important requirements are using KNIME tool for part 1, where we have to show the whole works done as capture screens , The pre-process and EDA works to be described clearly and detailed and put capture screen too(you can check how the exercise document described that intensively) and well and deep explanations of Business insights.
***Please The Questions document are Named : Project +2 part 1 & 2. with the Dataset attached.
The other attachments are exercises (For your reverences) explained how to answer the linear regression and logistic regressions using Pre-processing, EDA, Modeling using Knime.
**## C2+-LVC Regression and Classification ˃˃˃ is a very important reference document to use.

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