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Proposed POI The Phenomenon of Interest I am choosing to write about is Post Tra

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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Proposed POI
The Phenomenon of Interest I am choosing to write about is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) in nursing. COVID-19 pandemic has placed healthcare workers under enormous amount of stress. Many healthcare workers did not know how to deal with PTSD and lost interest in the medical field. Some healthcare workers were experiences PTSD even before COVID-19, but COVID-19 brought PTSD more to the light in healthcare. Not only were healthcare workers, experiencing PTSD, but patients as well. I would like to further investigate this topic as a covid ICU/ ER nurse way to help healthcare workers and patients cope and deal with PTSD. I am currently enrolled in the FNP/ENP program this will benefit as I embark on this advance nursing journey to help recognize PTSD in my peers and patients to be able to help them cope.
Introduce the Phenomenon of Interest (Introductory paragraph) Conclude the introductory paragraph with a direct thesis statement that informs that reader of the purpose or the primary objective of the paper.
Describe your approved POI, including the setting and population. Describe the significance of your POI to your advanced specialty focus (Nurse Practitioner, Executive Nursing Administration, Nursing Informatics, etc.), and population Discuss the impact of the POI on the overall U.S. healthcare system and support your discussion with relevant statistical data (clinical and financial). Include at least three (3) current peer-reviewed references in addition to any textbooks.
Philosophic Viewpoints
Describe the differences between the Analytical and Continential philosophical viewpoints and identify your preferred philosophical view. Discuss how your preferred philosophical view influences the type of information (data) you evaluate regarding your chosen POI and provide examples.Describe the value of information (data) represented by your alternative or opposing philosophic viewpoint in evaluating your chosen POI Describe the advantages of incorporating both the Analytical and Continental philosophical views in your advanced nursing practice, and provide an example. Include at least three (3) peer-reviewed references in addition to any textbooks. Classic references based on theory may be older than five years.
Ways of Knowing
Introduce the fundamental patterns of knowing identified by Carper (1978). Describe how you would apply each of the four patterns of knowing to your chosen POI, and provide examples of each.Support your discussion with at least two (2) peer-reviewed references, citing primary sources. Classic literature may be older than five years.
Summarize the major points of the paper in one (1) paragraph. No new information or new references should be included in this section.
A minimum of eight (8) peer-reviewed references (excluding textbooks). Paper not to exceed five (5) pages (excluding title page, reference page, and any appendices).
Follow all assignment instructions, and do not use direct quotes unless providing a brief definition.
Formal, scholarly writing style with no first-person language. Writing should be clear and concise and free of grammatical and spelling errors Organize work by headings. Writing should be free of APA 7th errors, including citations and references.

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