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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to focus upon a fam

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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to focus upon a familiar or creative topic and to effectively organize the narrative while developing strong content / details. Understanding the importance of organization and details in a narrative allows students to understand the importance of organizing and developing points in analytical papers.
Objective: Create a well-organized, well-developed essay that includes sufficient details to allow readers to understand the overall point or lesson of the author’s narrative.
Task: Your first assignment of the semester will focus on the organization and details required for a strong narrative essay. You have some flexibility with your focus, but please read the options carefully before you begin. The objective here is to work on developing content that supports the topic sentence of the paragraphs. Students will also work on following a chronological structure to ensure that a general audience can follow the trajectory of the narrative.
Option 1 – Create a fictional story that describes an encounter with something unexplained. This “something” can include a cryptid, a haunting, a UFO, really anything mysterious that supplies no answer. This can be an entirely creative (fictional) story, but you must include believable details. This must be original work. Please do not use plots of movies, books, or tv.
Option 2 – Compose an essay that recounts an actual experience with some sort of unexplained phenomenon. You do not have to disclose that this really happened, but if it did, chances are you can remember the details. The idea again is to create something that includes the detail needed to make the reader a believer.
Your narrative should begin with a strong introduction paragraph. Your paragraphs should be unified around topic sentences with strong attention to detail. Your essay should be written in a formal style with strong attention to grammar and mechanics.

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