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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to help you utilize the information presen

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to help you utilize the information presented in this class and use additional peer-reviewed science-based research to apply in a specific field of study or career. In other words, how can you use the information learned in this class with the help of peer-reviewed science-based research to better assist you in your field of interest or in your future dream job.
Task: Your task is to write a minimum 2-page paper (see criteria below for specifics) that will combine information from the class to better assist you in your field or career.
Some information that may help you write your paper:
What field or career are you interested in or going into?
Explain what your role would be and what population you will be working with.
Pick a movement or anything that relates to human motor development and use at least two peer-reviewed research papers to gather more information as it relates to your career path.
How do the research articles help you?
Criteria: This paper is worth 10% or your total grade. It will be scored out of 100 points, but again, keep in mind that it is worth 10% of your grade.
APA Style Format – 25 point = 25%
Minimum 2-pages (going onto the third page for full credit). References do not count towards the minimum. Max 5-pages.
12-point font
Times New Roman or Arial
1-inch margins
The context of your paper 25 points = 25%
What is your field or career you are in or going into (Athletic Training)
How the research will help you with your field or career
What did you learn from this paper?
Review at least one of your research articles 15 points = 15%
Must include hypothesis, methods, results and a brief conclusion.
MUST be in your own words (copy-pasting from the article will be considered plagiarism)
Only need to include relevant information. No need to include all the results.
APA in-text citation – 10 points = 10%
Must cite each of the minimum two references in order to get credit
APA references page – 10 points = 10%
Minimum of 2 peer-reviewed articles from a scientific journal
Grammar, paragraph, spelling, and sentence structure 15 points = 15%

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