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Rebuilding a state after war involves tackling both hard practical problems such

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Rebuilding a state after war involves tackling both hard practical problems such as famine, disease, and mass migration and displacement and more abstract problems like agreeing on a new political and legal framework for the social contract between the state and its citizens. Each of these contain a multitude of risks decisionmakers must be aware of when trying to address these problems. Identify one or two of the top risks to look out for in complex emergencies.
Be sure to identify them clearly, explain what they are and why they’re a problem, and make a convincing argument for why these are so critical as to make the top risk list. Remember that an analytical argument should have no more than one or two main points, supported by logic and evidence. The main body of the essay should draw on the readings and course material, but should primarily be your own words. Choose paraphrasing in context over direct quotes, and cite properly wherever you borrow ideas or evidence from others.

FYI: This assignment is an opportunity to show your capacity for original analysis and creative critical thinking skills. Students will have the greatest success with this assignment if they avoid big and oft-repeated pitfalls. Here’s a list of “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” to keep in mind as you complete this and other writing assignments:
1) Make sure you are answering the questions asked in the assignment and that you say what you mean in your own words rather than that of authors we have read for the week.
2) Try to think of this as a chance to exercise your imagination. Stand in the shoes of a policy adviser as you make your assessment.
3) Include a header indicating who you are in this imagined scenario, who your audience is and what the subject of the memo or essay brief is so that the reader has cues and clues as to your intent.
4) Conduct a thorough and comprehensive grammar and spelling check and read your paper out loud to yourself or to a friend or family member so you can make sure what you’ve written makes sense.
1) Restate the questions and/or the assignment instructions at the top of papers.
2) Include large passages of text directly quoted from the assigned reading material.
3) Reference numbers, dates, statistics or facts that specify location and timing of events without including a citation. Readers need to know that you are not pulling numbers and events out of the air.
MLA format

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