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Respond to the 2 following discussion posts SEPARATELY with SEPARAE resource lis

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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Respond to the 2 following discussion posts SEPARATELY with SEPARAE resource lists. Resources to be no older than 5 years.
1. Lindsay Trent posted Aug 31, 2022 1:24 PM
I had a bit of a rocky start for my initial clinical rotation in terms of hours due to scheduling issues and illnesses. I ended up completing half of my hours the last two weeks of the class term, going into clinical 4 days each week. I definitely plan to avoid that this term as much as possible. I have 15 scheduled clinical days this term and plan to complete 10 hours each day to ensure the 135 hours are met. I am in a family practice rotation again as well, so I expect to see a variety of patients. I need to make sure I focus on pediatric patients, as I have the lowest number of completed cases in that area. I believe this will be a feasible area of focus this rotation with the start of school as physicals and immunizations will be needed. I feel confident in my history taking at this stage and would like to continue improving on my differential diagnoses as well as continue to familiarize myself with pharmacology practices. I plan to review unfamiliar medications as well as standard dosing for medications after every day of clinical.
I am lucky enough to have my clinical rotations with MultiCare. They utilize EPIC as their EMR, which has Best Practice alerts as well as a link to UpToDate and several other evidence based clinical practice support sites. Access to these sort of sites “takes into account all data available making it also possible to notice changes outside the scope of the professional and notices changes specific for a certain patient, within normal limits” (Waslewicz & Scheepers-Hoeks, pg. 154). Having real time access to such tools allows for optimal patient care.
Wasylewicz, A. T., & Scheepers-Hoeks, A. M. (2018). Clinical Decision Support Systems. Fundamentals of Clinical Data Science, 153–169.
2. Judy Nguyen posted Aug 30, 2022 1:53 PM
I will be completing my clinical rotation at Medical Arts Associates located in Bellevue, WA. I will start my first rotation on Thursday, September 1st. I will be working with my preceptor two to three days a week for this course to complete my required hours.
My preceptor focuses on primary care primarily for geriatrics as well as women’s health. I will get my women’s health and the rest of my geriatrics hours in to complete the hours needed. I am most excited to learn how to incorporate integrative health and also focus on the women’s health aspect in OB/GYN. My goal is to be able to do a thorough head to toe, provide differential diagnoses, and how to treat them properly. I do believe there are room for better communications with my patients, which I am hoping I can work on in this course.
Another goal of mine is to be able to learn about common illnesses and have a solid understanding of assessment and treatment plans. Not all illness require pharmaceutical intervention. My goal is to be able to incorporate non-pharmaceutical intervention, life style modification and diet habits changes in their treatment plans. From my previous clinical practicum, I witnessed a lot of patients with chronic pain. It has been suggested that using non-pharmacologic therapies to manage chronic pain is effective and beneficial as it helps with decreasing pain and improve function. It also reduces long-term adverse effect from substance use (AAFP, 2018).
I plan to use evidence to support my clinical decisions by doing research as new EBP may turn up and when new ideas are discovered. I will be using credible and recent resources available online through our school. Having my preceptor observe me and give me feedback as needed is another way to help me learn.

Nonpharmacologic Therapies Can Improve Chronic Pain Outcomes. (2018).

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