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Select a quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal.

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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1. The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to locate essential components of a research article and evaluate the strengths and limitations of a research study.
2. Select a quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal. You will need to submit the article with this assignment, so be sure and download the article as a pdf. You may not use an article that has been used by the instructors in this Canvas course.
NOTE: There are 3 major types of research: Quantitative study, Qualitative study, and Mixed-method studies (combo of quantitative and qualitative). For this assignment, you must attach a QUANTITATIVE study. No qualitative studies should be used, no Mixed-Methods and no Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analyses or Scoping Reviews should be used for this assignment. Seek a librarian for help if you have questions about your library search or contact your professor. You may use an article you selected for Part 3 or 4 of the EBP project.
3. Utilize the Quantitative Research Article Appraisal Tool listed below to complete an analysis of the article.
Type directly on the form provided, and answer each question, with responses that include ‘how you know that answer to be correct/true/false.’ Based on your textbook readings and that of the research article, tell how you have determined the answer to be a yes or no. Provide RATIONALE! Don′t just say it was present. You may cut and paste and cite from the article to illustrate your rationale.
“O” points will be given for just answering the “yes/no” questions and not providing an explanation of your response.
In your responses list the page number (p. xxx) where you got your information. For example in the first section (research questions, hypotheses, etc), you may cut and paste directly from the article to state the question, etc.
Quantitative Research Article Appraisal ToolDownload Quantitative Research Article Appraisal Tool
4. Submit your article along with the completed appraisal assignment.

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