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Set an appropriate primary key for each table.

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Using Microsoft Access, create four tables, each addressing the most important generic aspects for a school′s database.
Identify add a least 4 fields for each table making sure to select the appropriate data type for each.
Set an appropriate primary key for each table.
Identify any one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships between your tables. You should have at least one many-to-many relationship that will need to be spitted using a Junction table.
Create the relationship links between the tables in Microsoft Access.
Once your design is complete, create a Relationship Report (as shown in the lectures) and save it as a PDF file using the following naming format: LastName_First_Name_DB1 (example: Perez_Jose_DB1). Please note that this is an important requirement for this task.
Primary posts without the Relationship Report PDF file created from Access attached will receive a zero for the assignment.
Upload your PDF file in your primary post, together with a short reflection about your learning experience as plain text in your post.

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