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(slides 2 – 6).

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Create a PowerPoint presentation with images and text that explore the culture you chose in these 5 specific areas:
Society (this can include customs, holidays, and economic and government systems)
Geography (include the location in the world and topography information (mountains, ocean front, metropolitan city, etc.)
Topic examples: Some students were or are a part of the military and have been deployed to places all over the world. Perhaps you spent a winter in the snow-covered German mountains or lived with a view of Japan’s Mount Fuji, and the experience gave you deeper insights into yourself, your life goals, etc.
Title slide that provides your name, course name, date, and names the culture being explored (Slide 1)
Content slides that explore the cultural component, including an image and key points in bullets. Aim for 3 relevant bullets per slide. (Slides 2 – 6). Note: You will expand on the bullet points for each slide in a separate sсrіpt or the notes section, using 2 or 3 well-developed sentences for each bullet point
Reflection slide: in a well-developed paragraph, share the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ this culture impacted your life. (Slide 7)
Reference slide: for images/sources used. (Slide 8)

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