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Susanna goes to reverend pike and the influential merchant thomas brattle, and tells them the truth about the witches in salem.

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A Break with Charity written by Ann Rinaldi: A Story about the Salem Witch Trials book was written in 1992
Susanna wants to be popular at the parsonage when Parris is away. The girls wanted to do witchery with Tituba.
Susanna becomes friends with Tituba, telling her about her brother, a sailor at sea. As Susanna gains Tituba′s trust, she learns the girls are performing as if they are possessed. The villagers feared witchcraft and went into a panic.
Susanna goes to Ann to ask her to quit what she is doing. Ann tells Susanna that they could fake being possessed by the witches to get out of chores and get more attention from people in town. She didn′t care if she had to falsely frame other people for that craft in the process of her fake symptoms.
Susanna′s parents, sister, and Johnathan believe witchcraft is nonsense, while most of Salem does not.
Susanna′s mother defends an accused witch; this causes the authorities to arrest Mrs. English. Soon after, they arrested Mr. and Mrs. English. Susanna goes to stay with friends Joseph and Elizabeth Putnam. When Mr. and Mrs. English are released from jail, they go to Boston with Susanna.
Meanwhile, a new governor in the Massachusetts Bay Colony believes in witchcraft, so they implement harsh punishments for those accused of witchery. Courts begin hearing cases of accused witches, and many hang for their (imaginary) crimes.
Susanna tells Joseph about the girls′ behavior after the hangings. She is friends with powerful judges, so he urges her to tell them what she knows.
Susanna goes to Reverend Pike and the influential merchant Thomas Brattle, and tells them the truth about the witches in Salem. They use their power in the community to speak out boldly against the injustices being committed. The trials and killings stop.
Susanna forgives Ann in 1706. Still hurt, she moves on with her life by living happily ever after with Johnathan.

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