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Task 17: Final Dissertation – Defense This is the final dissertation PLUS a Pow

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Business | 0 comments

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Task 17: Final Dissertation – Defense
This is the final dissertation PLUS a PowerPoint hence this is a big order. The bulk of this work was completed in Order: 365418275 so the focus will be on a PPT with script worked into it. AS WELL as the finished dissertation.
Here are the Dissertation guide details:
This is a narrative assignment using the appropriate template and headings. This document must
be fully compliant with the Dissertation Guide, appropriate template, and current APA formatting
guidelines. The template provided takes precedence over APA in the event of differences. It is
acceptable to hire a professional APA editor for the final publish.
Your submission will include the following:
 Front Matter
 Section 1, The Foundation of the Study
 Section 2, The Project
 Section 3, Application to Professional Practice
 Summary and Study Conclusions
 Reference Section
 Appendices
Dissertation Defense Presentation
For Flexible Studies:
 PPT of Research Project
o General and Specific Problems that were studied
o Research Questions (hypotheses as appropriate)
o Overview of the Conceptual Framework
o Research Paradigm and how it influenced the study
o Design and Method of the study
o Population and Sampling
o Data Collection and Data Analysis techniques that were employed
o Findings of the study to include hypothesis testing if performed for triangulation,
and how they relate to The Problem, Research Questions, and prior studies
o Potential Application Strategies
o Recommendations for future study
o Findings from a Christian Worldview Perspective
o Concluding Comments
o References
 60 Minute Defense Presentation
 Present to Dissertation Chair and Committee Member
 Up to 30 Minute Question and Answer Session
Enclosing the original powerpoint to build upon

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