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(tell me what you told me in one paragraph).

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Students will write one 3-5 page essay where they will write either about Federalist 10 or Federalist 51. The essay will consist of the following.
1. An introduction.
2. A summary of the Federalist Paper the student chose.
3 An analysis of the Federalist Paper. In other words, the student will use this section to tell me what its strengths or weaknesses are.
4. Conclusion. (Tell me what you told me in one paragraph).

The student will also be required to use one primary and one secondary source. This is a huge part of the grade.
The primary sources can be found at, and the secondary sources can be found on JSTOR which can be accessed on the Richland Library page. MLA or Chicago-style citations will be accepted. The student MAY NOT use the Federalist Paper he chose as his primary source. If this occurs, that is an automatic 10-point deduction.

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