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The essence of this essay lies in collaboration/vulnerability rather than absol

by | Sep 2, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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The essence of this essay lies in collaboration/vulnerability rather than absolute/logical correctness. It isn’t one group vs. another group, it’s both groups vs. the problem. It’s not about your ability to convince other people of your logic, it’s about a change in your perspective.
30% should show logic placed by group which us pro
40% should show logic placed by group whicu is anti
and 20% content should adress para 1
10% is build up .
Please see , this essay was writen on is fossil fuel usage to grow the world.. ( Sample style)
The same group is not debating is taxing th
e rich good….Please use this flow
The hot weather in Delhi ignited the debate in our economic society group on using fossils to produce energy in the contemporary world. The group had mixed reactions due to sustainability concerns. I realized that the principal reason for contention was the ability to distinguish between the short-term and long-term benefits of using fossil fuels compared to the implied costs. I represented one group which espoused stratified fossil fuel usage based on the present resources considering future implications. The other group believed that any economic venture, including exploiting fossil fuel, should be tailored to generate income regardless of the costs incurred.They tried to strengthen the argument by sharing emission levels in developed vs developing countries and other facts documented by various government and non-governmental agencies’ commitment to increasing fossil fuel usage. The group, however, did not factor in the implication of the economic activity to the environment and future. Conversely, my group believed in seeking a sustainable energy source as we considered fossil fuel a significant pollutant. We emphasized securing the future for different generations by laying the foundations for an environmentally friendly energy source. We also presented arguments supported by documented facts about recently experienced changes in climatic conditions, such as global warming, and significant adverse implications for various sectors. Finally, our opinion about the unreliability of using fossils was anchored on the future implications and current environmental factors. The conflicting view was maturely captured with fact-based discussions and reasoning. Based on the inputs group supporting using conventional energy sources, we also appreciated the need to assess the Economic Value added to each project; however, to have a broader perspective and not restrict it to a short-term payback analysis. The difference in opinion did not tamper with our relationship as it reflected divergent opinions without personal conflict. We finally concluded the discussion feeling more enriched and aligned.

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