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The two primary sources you’re working with this week are: The Declaration of Se

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Women and gender studies | 0 comments

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The two primary sources you’re working with this week are: The Declaration of Sentiments (Links to an external site.) and The Declaration of Independence (Links to an external site.)
By Tuesday night at midnight: In at least one well developed paragraph, describe the Declaration of Sentiments (DoS) and why Stanton chose to mimic the Declaration of Independence (DoI). Select 2 or 3 of the most powerful phrases or demands in the DoS and discuss their significance in women’s history. To receive full credit, you must include at least ONE direct quote from the DoS. Use quotation marks around your quote, but no need for any further citation since we are all using the same documents. Remember: posts should be at least 200 words and don’t forget your media source!
Now that you’ve listened to the lectures and know how the women’s rights movement began, you’re ready to work with the Declaration of Sentiments. This is also your first dip into working with primary documents, something all historians must learn to do. Primary documents- or sources- are first hand accounts of an event, created by people directly involved in the event. For example, I cannot create a primary document of the bombing at Pearl Harbor in 1941 because I wasn’t there and I wasn’t alive. However, if I took a picture at a BLM march in 2020, then I did create a primary source because I was there, experiencing and documenting it myself. If you haven’t worked with primary sources before, or it’s been a while, take a look at this great guide for How to Analyze a Primary Source (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)This discussion will not only help you learn women’s (and US history) but will allow you to practice skills that are important for any student to learn: reading, contextualizing, and analyzing. To navigate today’s information-heavy landscape, individuals need to consume media through a critical lens, and the skills that are needed to properly interrogate primary source documents are the same skills that will help you consume and analysis contemporary media.

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