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This project is based on the Chapter 1 from the book Networks, Crowds, and Marke

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This project is based on the Chapter 1 from the book Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World. By David Easley and Jon Kleinberg. Cambridge University Press, 2010. Complete preprint on-line at
You will need to do additional research, and include at least 5 outside sources to inform your answers. These sources must be credible and relevant. You should access materials from the school library NOT a google search, blog posts, or other online sources that are uncited.
(needed source are included below)
In this project you will choose Graph Theory craft a 10 – 12 slide presentation. Note, you do not need to present, just submit your slide deck. The presentation should include the following:
History and Orientation
Core Assumptions
Examples from your own experiences
In what ways could the theory be updated or modified?
Please use academic sources to describe the theory’s history, assumptions, scope, applications and methods. Use your own experiences and perspective to provide examples and propose updates or modifications.
Submission. Projects should consist of 10-12 slides, including the cover and references slides. All slides must have page numbers. The cover slide should show unit number, the theory you chose and your name. The project should have at least 5 references, and each reference should include author, year, title and path to retrieve the source. Author and year (e.g., Smith, 2020) should be included in the left bottom corner of the slide that cites the reference(s).
Grading Rubric. 1. Coverage–all required content is covered, 2. Research–information is highly relevant, current and adequate, 3. Analysis–insightful with reasonable recommendations, 4. Visuals–relevant, informative and impressive, and 5. Design–all slides well designed, clear and attractive, and error-free. Scores range from Sophisticated to 20 points to Competent for 16 points and Not Yet Competent for 12 points on each of these five criteria. Please see the project rubric under Assessments.
Tips. Try to deliver quality work. Select newer information to use, support with your analysis with data, use high-resolution images, and make your own charts or tables to present data if screenshots are not clear or have too much irrelevant information for your analysis. Use a nice template to make your presentation, with consistent color scheme, fonts and linespacing.

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