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Use the data analysis tab to figure this out as in my chapter 5 slides.

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1. Follow Case study #2 link: 2. Chose the tab: Unemployment and median household income for the U.S., States, and counties, 2000-20 3. Clean up data to show only information for Median_Household_Income_2020 4. Clean up data to show data for the first 15 states 5. Delete information pertaining to District of Columbia 6. Separate information by state (including all counties pertaining to the states) 7. Make sure you do not use the data value next to the state cell in calculations. Only use those next to the counties Example: Do not use the salary next to Alaska cell 2000 AK Alaska $74,058 2013 AK Aleutians East Borough, AK $69,375 2016 AK Aleutians West Census Area, AK $80,290 2020 AK Anchorage Borough/municipality, AK $78,579 2050 AK Bethel Census Area, AK $45,582 2060 AK Bristol Bay Borough, AK $70,094 2068 AK Denali Borough, AK $73,220 2070 AK Dillingham Census Area, AK $52,641 2090 AK Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK $74,241 2100 AK Haines Borough, AK $53,413 2105 AK Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, AK $50,573 2110 AK Juneau Borough/city, AK $90,436 2122 AK Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK $63,559 2130 AK Ketchikan Gateway Borough, AK $71,298 2150 AK Kodiak Island Borough, AK $71,118 2158 AK Kusilvak Census Area, AK $31,250 2164 AK Lake and Peninsula Borough, AK $47,644 2170 AK Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK $72,296 2180 AK Nome Census Area, AK $53,877 2185 AK North Slope Borough, AK $82,736 2188 AK Northwest Arctic Borough, AK $53,060 2195 AK Petersburg Borough, AK $59,176 2198 AK Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, AK $46,488 2201 AK Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area, AK 2220 AK Sitka Borough/city, AK $69,501 2230 AK Skagway Municipality, AK $66,991 2232 AK Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, AK 2240 AK Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, AK $59,382 2261 AK Valdez-Cordova Census Area, AK $86,196 2275 AK Wrangell Borough/city, AK $55,696 2280 AK Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area, AK 2282 AK Yakutat Borough/city, AK $59,955 2290 AK Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, AK $37,907 8. Find the average, variance, standard deviation, minimum value and maximum value for each of the 25 states. Use the data analysis tab to figure this out as in my chapter 5 slides. 9. With the median information of the 15 states make a bar chart, to compare the median salaries 10. Once you make the bar chart, what is the highest median salary state? Lowest median salary state?

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