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What else have they written?

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Coverage should include the following:
Screenplay Title – This is self-explanatory
Screenplay Author – We need to know who wrote it. Is it a known name? What else have they written?
Attachments – Is there a director attached? High profile actors and actresses?
Coverage By: If you’re trying to build a reputation as a sсrіpt reader who provides good coverage, this is your calling card.
Logline: What’s the sсrіpt about? Use 1-2-3 sentences max.
Plot Synopsis: This should be around one to three pages, single-spaced unless informed otherwise (present tense throughout/CAPS 1st time a person or place is mentioned).
Comments: These usually range from one half to one page in length. What was good, what was bad, is it marketable, what are some similar titles, did they make money?
Grid: Mark an X or X′s in the boxes below for your assessment of the following aspects of your sсrіpt (the X′s below are an example of how your assessment might look):
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Premise X X
Story Line X X
Structure X X
Characterization X
Dialogue X
Audience: Who is this sсrіpt targeting? Moms? Dads? Families? Teenagers? Do you think it will be rated G, PG-13, R?
Verdict: This is where you tell them whether to Pass, Consider with Reservations, or Consider. You might want to provide a sentence of explanation, but usually, it’s just one of the aforementioned summations.
Important Info

The order was placed through a short procedure (customer skipped some order details).
Please clarify some paper details before starting to work on the order.

Type of paper and subject
Number of sources and formatting style
Type of service (writing, rewriting, etc)

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