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What led the researchers to ask this question(s)?

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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Article Analysis Video Presentation The goal of this assignment is to share with the class how information that we are reading/discussing in the course is still being used in research today. Also, I want to expose us to other researchers who are looking at these phenomena who maybe don’t get mentioned in textbooks. And the assignment will reinforce your ability to understand and explain research. Here are the steps and expectations: pick one article that you would like to present on to the class. The article must have been published in the last 7 years. The article should be on a specific topic discussed in the textbook from a Cognitive perspective. This must be an original research article (i.e. if there is no methods section it likely isn’t original research). Also, the article can NOT be a big name discussed at length in the textbook, so no Maslow or Lazarus. One idea might be to pick an article that ties a psychology topic into what you want to do in your future career. Or simply a topic of personality that you want to learn more about. Prepare your video presentation of the article by answering these questions then making a 4-slide slideshow presentation on powerpoint: Slide 1- Who is the author(s) (if there is more than two, focus solely on the first author) – where do they work, what is their specialty, who they are associated with (University, lab, think tank, etc.), Did they study under any big names?, How did they get started with studying this topic? Slide 2- About the article – What is the question(s) the research is seeking to answer? What led the researchers to ask this question(s)? -How does the article relate to a cognitive perspective in psychology.
Slide 3- Methods & Results
– Who were the participants, how did they recruit participants, what tools did they use, how did the analyze the data, etc. Was this sound research methods (more than a yes or no, support it with information you know about how good research is conducted). – What were the results of this study? Be specific. Grading of Video Presentation: – Gave an overview of researcher/author – 10 points – Explained the question asked in the research and why the researchers wanted to answer that question – 15 points – Detailed the methods used in the research and if they were sound research methods – 10 points – Explained the results of the study – 15 points Video presentation was easy to follow and easy to understand. The video was 10 – 15 minutes in length. – 10 points (points deducted for going over the 15 minute mark)

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