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When finished, you should have three sources in total

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OPTION #1: Based on ″Chapter 20: Race and Criminal Justice: Is the System Broken?Links to an external site.″ make an argument related to the state of the United States Criminal Justice system. In addition to the textbook readings, make sure to locate a reliable outside source as well.
Here are the guidelines:
DO NOT pick a topic that you have completed an essay on You must provide a central argument and two to three topics that support the argument (should be approx. 2-3 paragraphs/at least 250-450 words)
You must incorporate evidence to support your argument (2 sources total: at least one of the homework readings, and one outside, academic (journal) source)
Evidence may be quotes/paraphrase/or summaries from one or more of the articles from the homework readings You may use the homework response for reference
DO NOT SUMMARIZE! One or two lines of summary per section are fine to establish a point, but DO NOT write a page of summary. Assume your audience has read the text but doesn’t understand its meaning
You need to include a reliable outside source
This is not a formal essay; you do not need an introduction or conclusion. That being said, the response should have an argument that logically develops and has relevant supporting details
Click here to see an annotated sample response (Links to an external site.)
Submit your response as a Microsoft Word File, or PDF. Make sure the formatting is correct in the works cited entry
These titles what they refer and come from Race and Criminal Justice: Is the System Broken?
➔ ADAM GOPNIK, The Caging of America
➔ MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN, The Cradle to Prison Pipeline
➔ PRISON POLICY INITIATIVE, Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie
➔ HEATHER MAC DONALD, The Myth of Criminal-Justice Racism
➔ STEVE CHAPMAN, Are Blacks to Blame for Cops’ Actions?
➔ PAUL BUTLER, The Chokehold
Read: ANY 2 ARTICLES from chapter 21 (pp 502-526)
Here are the readings:
“The Bane of Cultural Appropriation,” “What’s Mine Is Yours,” “Cultural Appropriation Is, in Fact, Indefensible,” “A Food Fight at Oberlin College,”
“Uncreative Writing,” “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan,”
Using at least two of the assigned readings from chapter twenty-one, develop an Annotated bibliography. Click here to see what an annotated bibliography isLinks to an external site..
A correctly completed annotated bibliography should include:
Your thesis based on the original readings (label and list the thesis at the top of the assignment) (10 points)
One outside source which supports your thesis (10 points)
The two readings from chapter twenty-one (10 points each)
When finished, you should have three sources in total
Proper MLA 9th edition formatting (10 points)

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