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Why is this work important?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments

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This part should include the purposes or objectives of the paper. Why is this work important? Explain briefly the major questions you plan to cover in your paper. What specific issue or question will your work address?
Body (create several subtitles instead of using body)
Body part can be broken down in several sections including review of related literature (academic journal articles and books), analysis, results, and discussion. You can create several subtitles depending on how you organize the paper in this section.
Restate the purposes of your paper. Summarize the major findings found in the body of the paper. Explain why you have come to this conclusion and your own personal opinions on the topic.
Be sure to include a list of all materials you cited in your paper. As for the format, you need to use APA style. List the references you found for bibliography. You can find more references if necessary.
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